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MHRA, Echinacea & Euphrasia

By Jo Scrimshaw, Dec 14 2014 11:12AM

The MHRA are the UK governments regulatory body on everything medical. They check out the safety of all medical devices and drugs. They also control everything herbal. The effect of their considerable control was seen during 2014 with the withdrawal of many of the items from health food shops. Many of the herbs can now only be obtained after a consultation with a herbal practioner or doctor. Some have gone altogether.

In time, we will see the re-introduction of some herbal remedies. Each one has to go through the lengthy process of getting a Traditional Herbal Registration Certificate. Companies like Holland & Barrett, Bioforce, GNC etc are working hard to achieve these registrations for all of us.

On my emails today, I have seen updates from the MHRA that the following products have achieved registration.

Echinaforce Hot Drink Cold & Flu Echinacea concentrate for oral solution from Bioforce

Euphrasia Sinus products from Holland & Barrett, GNC, Lifecycle, Natures Garden & Natures Bounty.

The MHRA website has lots of information on the work that they are doing. Please do have a look, it is a very interesting site.

On a personal note: I believe in Herbal Remedies used correctly and with care. Millions of people in generations before us felt the same way. I also believe we still need choices for our own health treatments. I am thankful that we have the NHS in this country and I am thankful that we have the herbal industry and the experts/ gurus to teach us about traditional ways. I hope that time will allow us to all work together.

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