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New Year Life Quality

By Jo Scrimshaw, Jan 2 2015 09:46AM

Over the past few years, I have certainly been guilty of trying to use more than 24 hours in every day. Trying to cram in 10 hours of work to 6 actual hours, does work for a day or two. You focus, You juggle tasks, You find a shortcut or two, you rob Peter to pay Paul and you justify it in the name of multi-tasking or achievements. Problem is, at some stage, it will catch up with you. Maybe the task wont suffer, but a week down the line, you might lie awake wondering if you missed something. If you keep this method up for long enough, you begin to show signs of stress. So, you have a drink or two in the evening to help you relax. Maybe extra caffeine in the morning to help you wake up ?. Sound familiar ? The 1980's were infamous for the "power working", "life's too short to stuff a mushroom", "deadlines" way of living. But, the rewards were there then. Hard work produced money. Money produced higher standards of living and expectations.

25 years later, I hear so many self-employed people say, "you have to work twice as hard now, for half the money". The employed ones spend large parts of their life wondering if they are to be made redundant in the next round of changes. There is pressure from all angles, to achieve deadlines and produce results.

So, what do you need to do.?.

For a start you need to #Breathe !!. Not shallow, stressed, restriced breathing. Take a deep breath !. If your chest feels tight, you are probably stressed. Deeper breathing actully relieves stress.

Next you need to #Rest more often. I mean, walk away from the desk from time to time. Go and make a cup of tea ! Look out of the window and really SEE something else. Open the window and feel the stimulus of fresh air. Move your shoulders and head to release tension and take a break from intense work every two hours for 10 minutes or so. I promise you that you will be more productive if you take breaks, than you will EVER be if you work 8 to 10 hour days without relief from the pressure of sitting and staring at a screen (or whatever you do).

and #Smile! Find something to smile about. The pictures on your desk (if you have any) are for your happy thoughts. Maybe something you have done ? Maybe a dream ? Maybe someone you love ?.

A close friend of mine was asked at a recent job interview (for his dream job) "What did you not like about your previous job ?". He replied "getting told off for looking at YOUR website, while I was supposed to be working". He got the job !

Most employers want productive workers who appear to be happy and at ease with the workload. Most employees want the same thing. If you are self-employed you are your own employer, so this still works.

If you are worried about redundancy and you have decided, that they only way to keep your job, is to look incredibly stressed and worried. Well.... nobody fires hard working stressed people - do they ? Think again. If your position is needed, you might be ok. If your position has two or more people capable of doing the work, who would you choose ?. The stressed one, or the one who appears to be coping ?. And if the worst does come and you do find yourself redundant, now have some techniques to help you cope with the stress while you find a better place to work.

So, to recap ! Breathe, Rest and Smile !

and have a fabulous New Year !

Jo Scrimshaw is a Natural Health Practitioner, specialising in Ayurveda, Yoga & Polarity Therapy.

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