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Life can be full of stresses and strains, but it is also full of joy, peace and happiness.  Sometimes we just need to know where to look !.


Namaste !

By Jo Scrimshaw, Jan 2 2020 08:43PM

How do you feel in the mornings? Bright and happy? Ready for the day?, Tired and irritable because its early, dark, Thursday ? or do you have no idea why life is impossible before coffee etc?

I have found a cure. I am now able to identify how I’m feeling, physically, emotionally and mentally. I can, as the Joker once said in the Batman film, “give a name to my pain”. I am also now able to turn a day from “its not looking good already….” into a much better one. How? … you may ask.

Well the answer has surprised even me. You see, I was born without any genes that make exercise a fun thing to do. I think my brother got them all. He has always been very sporty, Rugby, Tri-athlons, Running, Swimming & Cycling. He and his wife were once known as Mr & Mrs Motivator. Me… not so much. I did like Skiffing (wooden racing craft, often spotted on the Thames). I also spent many a Saturday (8 years worth) running on and off a rugby pitch administering First Aid. I developed a muscular physique performing sports massage treatments over the same period of time for the Rugby club. It was a tough job but someone had to do it…….. Apart from that I only had one love when it came to exercise and I didn’t regard it as exercise. Yoga. My favourite classes were the de-stress ones that allowed me to stretch my body and calm my mind. I have practised this amazing art, on and off, since I was 14. My yoga journal was always my favourite read and any chance to meditate or practice mindfulness made me a very happy bunny.

Due to children, work and family stuff, I always practiced yoga during the day or in the evening. Then in 2012 on holiday in Gran Canaria, I had the opportunity to practise in the morning. I knew that the ancient traditions of Ayurveda recommend morning yoga, but I had not truly understood why. After a few mornings I found a morning practice almost addictive. I would stand on the mat with my hands in prayer position, checking in with my balance, taking my attention to the heart centre, inhale and as I exhaled raising my hands up for a sun salutation. Then one morning I paused. Instead of one breath I allowed myself full awareness of the breath. My breathing became deeper and my focus moved naturally to the heart centre. Only I didn’t find peace, I found irritation and restlessness. I found my true condition on that day and I found honesty. It was our last day and I didn’t want to go home. I was happy in our peaceful, sunny, gloriously bright and shiny holiday refuge. I stood still with tears falling down my face as I realised that my body, mind and spirit were truly relaxed for the first time in many years. I also knew that if I wanted to feel tired and stressed again, that I had simply to return to the life I had left and make no changes. I wiped my tears away on my kaftan sleeve (as you do…) and made a mental note that changes were required. I set an intention to change. I’m still a work in progress (aren’t we all) but provided that the work is still in progress then there is a good chance for pleasing results.

Now my mat is a place for honesty. I pay attention to the way I feel. I pay attention to the thoughts in my head. When we sleep the subconcious seems to process all sorts of stuff and our body works on repair and renewal. Generally we don’t remember our brain activity overnight, but the quiet space on the mat allows the mind to offer up some thoughts for resolution. The physical space on the mat allows our body to communicate any aches and pains for attention. Our very presence on the mat allows the spirit space to breathe.

Me and my mat…. We are bff (best friends forever) and my mornings are happier because of it.

By Jo Scrimshaw, Dec 6 2015 10:08AM

On the news this morning, I heard that the latest idea is to make personalised drugs to protect our health. I wonder what those drugs might be ?. I wonder who might make them? I wonder who might profit from dishing out medication to people without any symptoms? I wonder how our local GP's might cope with patients making appointments for all their existing health problems, as well as all the long consultations on their potential health issues?

Healthy people are healthy because they are either lucky or because they pay attention to their lifestyle and their diet. I have to ask how people are to be assessed for their potential illnesses? My own family tree contains enough illness to tick most of the risk boxes. So, maybe I should take an anti-cancer pill, a heart diease pill, an arthritis pill, a diabetes pill ….etc etc. I wonder how that would work? I wonder if any of those pills might actually trigger the very disease that it claimed to control?

I consider myself to be healthy. I thank good fortune for the good equipment (body) I have been given. Then I take responsibility for my day to day living. I look to my diet and select foods carefully. I eat vegetables, pulses, grains, fruit and nuts. I also eat meat and dairy. I try to eat organic whenever I can, because I choose to limit the amount of chemicals that enter my body. A friend of mine recently argued with me over my preference for organic food, saying that, statistically, non-organic foods contained as many vitamins and minerals as the organic variety. Im not sure where her statistics came from and I don’t care. I’m sure that a non-organic carrot does still have vitamins in it. I just dont want to eat too many of them, because it probably also contains traces of the latest bug killer and growth enhancer. Maybe those chemicals won’t kill me but i’m sure that eating less of them is better than taking them into my body every day.

I have a theory about health. I believe that when a child is born they arrive into this world with a pair of health scales. On one side is health, on the other side illness. Problem is you can’t tell where the scales are set. For some people, the scales have so much health that they can smoke, drink and abuse their bodies, happily dying at 100 years old of just worn out body parts. For others the scales are (genetically) weighed down with so much illness that they have cancer (for example) by the time they are 1. For most people it seems that it depends on how you treat your body. By doing the best you can, you load the healthy side and hope it is enough to beat the genetic issues.

Looking at the bigger picture. What is health? A very wise man once told me that health is the blend of a body without pain, a mind without worries and a contented spirit. That sounds good to me but I can’t imagine a tablet that does all that. I’m not sure that I would even want one. I want to be healthy but I also want to experience my life, not walk through it in a haze. I like the ups and downs and not knowing what comes next. I want to feel excitement and joy and I’m prepared to pay for that with the times that life is not so good. Provided my base line is that healthy state, all is good with me.

My chosen health method is a combination of Ayurveda (for diet and herbs), Yoga (for exercise and a peaceful mind) and Polarity (for those stressful times when something malfunctions anyway). I listen to my body everyday. I pay attention when it grumbles and I do something about it. I take responsibility for my health.

A long long time ago, the job of a doctor was to protect health. If their clients became ill they were fired (or killed). Doctors assessed the inner environment of bodies, by taking the pulses, looking at the tongue, checking out the quality of the eyes and noting any smells that might indicate a body that had become too acid or alkaline. They then advised food and herbs to help them correct the imbalance before it became ill-health. These ancient arts are still alive today. You can find them in Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Homeopathy and Accupuncture amongst others.

It would be truly wonderful if trained doctors (G.Ps) could help people to be healthy. If they had time to really listen to their patients and advise them on health issues. If they had time…….. Isn’t that the real issue with doctors today ?. They are not allowed the time to deal with illness, let alone health. The drugs that are used today for illness, often have side effects and don’t always work, because we are all different. We are all individuals with differing needs, reactions and sensitivities.

So if the drug companies want to start medicating the whole population for some illness they might get, with some magic bullet of a tablet, then count me out. You will find me out walking or in a shoulder stand or eating something truly scrumptious and nutritious.

Namaste !


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