Polarity Healing - Foundation Course

Polarity Therapy - Training - The Syllabus


There are 3 stages to full Polarity Training:


Stage 2.            Polarity Healing  - The Foundation skills course


This 211 hour course covers  the 5 elements, Chakra work, Aura work, Off-Body treatments, Crystals and an introduction to Cranial Sacral holds used in Polarity Therapy.


There are 2 options for this training.  


The intensive course comprises 6 days in class (1 day per month) + Guided learning hours of 163 over the 6 months. This course is designed for students who have a therapy background *.  


If you are new to bodywork then you will need the more relaxed course comprising 2 days per month (in class) and 115 guided learning hours.


Part 1        Polarity theory and the element of Fire.                              

Part 2        Polarity theory and the element of Air                                    

Part 3        Polarity theory and the element of Water                              

Part 4        Polarity theory and the element of Ether                              

Part 5        Polarity theory and the the element of Earth                                                                  

Part 6        Integration of the use of element centered techniques & differential diagnosis


The next training on the intensive course is in London at the Helios Centre on the following dates in 2017.

29th October, 11th November & 9th December & 13th Jan, 10th Feb & 10th March 2018    If you would like more details please call Marcos on 07956645182.  The cost of the intensive course is £ 1250.00


The next training for students new to bodywork (or therapists who prefer more time in class with hands on work) will be held in Surrey starting in January 2018.  Cost for this course is £ 1500 (Early Bird price is £ 1250 up to the 31st October 2017).


If you would like to do training in Looe (Cornwall) , dates will be set up to suit the students who apply.  Minimum of 4 students needed to run this course.  There is currently a waiting list of 2 students.


*a therapy background* means a recognised course of study in bodywork, for which a certificate or diploma has been issued, allowing you to gain insurance.


Fire                       Air                         Water                   Ether                   Earth

                                                The Elements

The Elements


Fire Element - Hot, Active, Vibrant.  Personality Positives = Go ahead, Leadership, Action.  Negatives = Bad temper, Aggression.


Air Element - Movement, Vitality.      Personality Positives = Intellect, Study, Adaptable.  Negatives = Stress, unable to complete tasks.


Water Element - Compassion, Feelings.  Personality Positives = Empathy, Affection.  Negatives = Too worried about others.


Ether - Space and Sensation.  Personality Positives = Seeing the big picture.  Negatives = doesnt function well in life.


Earth - Grounding & Stability.  Personality Positives = Stable & family orientated.  Negatives = Slow to move or act.


We are all combinations of the above and we are all individuals, but there are traits that we can see in ourselves and others.  The elements also affect us differently as time goes by.  Understanding the world around us often involves recognising the characteristics in others and knowing how to act around them.