Polarity Healing - RPP Training

Polarity Therapy - Training - The Syllabus


There are 3 stages to full Polarity Training:


3.            Polarity Healing  - RPP Training


This 211 hour course covers all the main areas of Polarity Therapy.  The course is designed for students who have already completed the Introductory Day and Foundation course, who wish to achieve a stand-alone therapy qualification in Polarity Therapy.


This course comprises 6 days in class (1 day per month) + Guided learning hours of 163 over the 6 months.


Day 1        Cranial Sacral Work.                              

Day 2        Structural Analysis                                

Day 3        Safe handling of emotional issues                            

Day 4        Professional standards, Ethics, Case history protocols and First Aid.                      

Day 5        Patients Day                                                                

Day 6        1 to 1's and Patients Day


The cost for this course is £ 1250.00