I Can’t Meditate

I cant meditate

It is a sunny afternoon in the garden.  The birds are singing and the sky is blue.  I close my eyes to try meditation and Wham !!   My mind starts up and tells me all about my worries and things to do.  The relentless march of thoughts stomp their way across my forehead and give me a headache. “Bother […]

Yoga for your lower back

Yoga for your lower back Back pain comes in all shapes and sizes but most often it involves the lower back.  The description of pain in this area varies from a sharp pain to a constant dull ache.  In the past, my backache used to drop me to the floor when the muscles simply refused […]

Yoga for Necks

Many yoga classes start with a sequence of asanas (stretches) to ease tension in the neck and shoulders.  It’s a great start for a number of reasons but mainly because daily stress and computer usage targets the neck muscles and increases the tension felt around the back of the neck and the head.  Tension in […]

Polarity therapists and Covid Regulations

The Covid restrictions have been hard on so many people, though it is re-assuring to see the relaxation of some of the restrictions in the last couple of weeks.  In many professions, social distancing is an option and can be managed relatively easily.  Polarity Practitioners and other physical therapists face unique challenges.  We are in […]