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Polarity Treatment

Polarity Treatments look at the whole picture of health, seeking to release energy blockages so that Mind and Body can relax and restore.  

The session may be soft, quiet healing occasions or they may involve movement of the body to release stuck energy or fascia.  Feedback from the client during the session is optional but encouraged for some of the body work. Each session is tailored to your needs.

Sessions are available at Brighter Spaces in Guildford, Surrey & Woking.

Polarity Therapy is an effective treatment for energy balancing and soft tissue tension.

Polarity is often used where other treatments have proved to be ineffective or where tension in the soft tissue is a problem.

Man shoulder treatment

Polarity Therapy comes from the Indian traditions of Marma points, Auras and Energy Lines and a truly holistic view of the body. Dr Stone brought this therapy to the world from his own background in Chiropractic, so the techniques used often have a structural and practical aspect. Welcome to the world of unwinding, energy spirals, 5 & 6 point star patterns, countryside techniques, elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, the energy poles and the myofascia. Welcome to the art of healing with bodywork.

“Thank you Jo for helping me to manage my tinnitus.  Life is much easier now” – Tricia Surrey

“My back pain is just not there anymore” – Howie, Surrey

“Better than 3 pints – My headache has just gone” – Dave Surrey