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Chair Yoga Class

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a practical and adaptable option for people with physical issues.  For some people the idea of lying on the floor is daunting enough to make them feel that yoga is not suitable for them.  Yoga is for everyone !.  Yoga can be adapted for anyone regardless of any temporary or long term issues with the physical body.  Please know that you will be welcomed to the class with suitable adaptations and respect for your abilities*

Chair Yoga class on Zoom or in person (Brookwood, Surrey) are on Friday mornings at 9:30 am.   To enrol in the class you will need to spend a few minutes talking to the yoga teacher about the issues that you face so that your needs can be addressed and a suitable plan agreed.  

If you would like to talk to Jo please do call or text on 07734 815485 or email

Frequently Asked Questions

What might you do in a yoga class ?

There will be stretches from sitting or standing.

There will be breathing exercises -nothing complicated !.  We learn to breathe slowly and with focused awareness (mindfulness)

We will practice mindful exercises to help relaxation, sleep and rest.

What if I cant do it ?

This class is specifically designed to be adapted for people with physical issues.  You will need to supply sufficient information for the teacher to make appropriate changes to the yoga stretches (asanas) e.g if you have had chemo you may have low energy, if you have a stoma you may not wish to do a twisting motion.  Yoga is about working within your acceptable limits, without pain.  Sitting quietly and gazing into space is a form of yoga if it makes you feel better, so there is always something to practice :).  If you would like to try a 1 to 1 class to figure out what can be done then we could do that first.  You could then decide if a class with others is right for you.  Let us find out together what can be done.

If you would like to talk to Jo please do call or text on 07734 815485 or email