Polarity Therapy Courses

Polarity Therapy is offered in 4 stages.

Level 1:  Polarity Healing Skills (the foundations of healing and touch)

Level 2:  Working with the 5 Elements, Auras and Chakras, Unwinding, 5 & 6 point star, Polarity Yoga & Polarity Diet. The heart of Polarity Therapy.

Level  3:  Training to Registered Polarity Practitioner level (full practitioner training)

Level 4:  CPD courses (continue to develop skills and gain support from experienced practitioners).

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Polarity Beginnings (level 1)

Polarity Healing Skills Course. This is a 1 day in Polarity Therapy. 

Learn how to feel energy movement in a clients body and experience the effects of that energy movement in your own self.  Learn how to give a healing treatment using Polarity Therapy and then use those skills to give a treatment.  

Experience a demonstration of Polarity Techniques and then use those skills to practice Polarity Therapy using the same techniques that experienced practitioners use every day.  At the end of the day you will be able to give a treatment to friends and family as well as learning quite a bit about your own innate abilities to help others.

a Discover your true self and learn how to help others.

Courses are available in Spring 2024 at the Kosmon Sanctuary in Walton on the Hill Surrey or Boxhill Village Hall.

Level 1(1 day course) is offered on the following dates

Saturday 13th January 2024, Sunday 25th Feb 2024, Sunday 24th March 2024

Cost £ 60 (Surrey) or £ 75 (London)


Healing Energy Man

Working with the Elements, Auras & Chakras (Level 2 )
Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP)

Level 2 is all about developing sensitivity of touch and reply connecting with energy flow in the body.  

This level comprises 8 days in class.  We cover treatments using the  elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth as well as the Auras and Chakras and off-body healing. This is where we look to develop your skills to cover all the fundamentals of healing using hands on and off the body.

The elements help us to look at Fire in terms of inflammation in the body and aggravation of the mind. Air for changeable symptoms and stress. Water for fluid accumulation and emotional excess. Earth for lack of grounding and Ether for off body work to calm the spirit. This course has practical skills over the 7 days, work online via our portal + a clinic assessment day.  Together with the Introductory day adds up to 175 hours of study. 

There is a diploma at this point to APP level (Associate Polarity Practitioner) when the case studies are complete. Those with other therapy modalities often find that this is sufficient for fusion with their existing work.

Cost of Level 2 is  £ 1500  (Surrey)  or £ 1850 (London)

                Early bird price of £1350 applies if booked before the end of February 2024.                  

Instalment payments may be available.

Level 2 course start again in April 2024

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Registered Polarity Practitioner Training (RPP) – Level 3

Level 3 course is planned for Autumn 2024 in Surrey

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For those who wish to achieve the RPP status of fully qualified Polarity Practitioner, this training is an additional 205 hours. Students need to have an A&P qualification for ITEC or VTCT or equivalent. This part of the course covers the structural work, spinal harmonics, countryside techniques, polarity fusion, safe management of trauma, cranio sacral integration and the additional foot and heart techniques. Exemptions are available for those with relevant qualifications.

This course involves 10 days in class and directed work on-line.

Cost of Level 3 is £ 1500  – there are 10 days in class and work at home/ zoom classes – dates to be confirmed for 2024

CPD courses - Level 4

CPD – continuous professional development is a key feature of Polarity Therapists. 

Lifelong learning is necessary to keep skills alive and keep up with the trends in therapies generally.