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Polarity Therapy comes from the Indian traditions of Marma points, Auras and Energy Lines and a truly holistic view of the body. Dr Stone brought this therapy to the world from his own background in Chiropractic, so the techniques used often have a structural and practical aspect. Welcome to the world of unwinding, energy spirals, 5 & 6 point star patterns, countryside techniques, elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, the energy poles and the myofascia. Welcome to the art of healing with bodywork.

Polarity Training

Polarity Therapy training is offered in 3 modules.

Module 1

Polarity Introductory Course. This is a 1 day introduction to Polarity Therapy. There is some theory, a demonstration of Polarity Techniques and then a chance to practice the Polarity General Session. This session covers all the basics of working with the elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth to provide a comprehensive treatment protocol, suitable to use on friends and family.

Polarity Healing Session

Polarity treatments look at the whole picture of health and seek to release energy blockages to relax and restore the mind and body. The first appointment is usually 1.5 hours with hourly sessions thereafter. 

The sessions may be soft, quiet healing occasions or they may involve movement of the body to release stuck energy or fascia. Feedback during the session is optional but encouraged with some of the body work. Each session is tailored to your needs.

Sessions are available at Brighter Spaces in Guildford.

Module 2

The Foundation Course also known as the Polarity Healing course. This comprises 10 days in class and (with the Introductory day) adds up to 200 hours of study. We cover the Elements in much more detail. Looking at Fire in terms of inflammation in the body and aggravation of the mind. 

Air for changeable symptoms and stress. Water for fluid accumulation and emotional excess. Earth for lack of grounding and Ether for off body work to calm the spirit. There is a certificate at this point when the case studies are complete. Those with other therapy modalities often find that this is sufficient for fusion with their existing work.

Module 3

For those who wish to achieve the RPP status of fully qualified Polarity Practitioner, this training is an additional 205 hours. Students need to have an A&P qualification for ITEC or VTCT or equivalent. This part of the course covers the structural work, spinal harmonics, countryside techniques, polarity fusion, safe management of trauma, cranio sacral integration and the additional foot and heart techniques. Exemptions are available for those with relevant qualifications.

Courses are available at Brighter Spaces in Guildford, Surrey & Islington, London.

The Introductory days in April have been deferred due to the Corona virus restrictions. Revised dates will be offered as soon as we know when we are able to gather and travel

“In a couple of treatments, Jo has significantly reduced the tinnitus I have lived with for years, amazing !. Jo is a skilled and caring practitioner who I can highly recommend”



from Surrey

Lovely person, warm hands and a no rush atmosphere. Will visit time and time again. A real gem, as mechanics would say ‘worth her weight in gold’! Thank you for all the treatments given…..



from Middlesex