One of the main principles of Ayurveda is that all foods should suit your body type, be locally sourced, fresh and natural. This principle extends to the products that we have in contact with our skin. The skin is semi-permeable, which means that it allows certain substances to move through it and enter the blood stream. We know this to be true because there are nicotine patches and pain medication patches. We also know that the skin is one of the body’s methods of getting rid of toxins from the inside. Sweating is the obvious way of identifying this method of excretion. It is reasonable therefore to consider the type of skin products that you apply to your face, hair and body. If you apply lotions, creams and potions that have toxic contents then the body has to deal with toxins.

As an Ayurvedic therapist I look at the clients dosha. A Dosha is most easily described as an imbalance. If the client is dealing with a lot of stress in life, then they have a Vata imbalance. If they are experiencing heat symptoms (e.g hot flushes or inflammation) then they have a Pitta imbalance. If they have water retention, a Kapha imbalance. I then look at the kind of product that will best help them to manage the issues. Products that are natural and kind to the body.

I openly declare that I am a Weleda Wellbeing advisor. Their approach to health is superb, their products are ethically sourced and they value being known for being part of the anthroposophical movement I love their oils and regularly treat my clients to the Lavender (stress) Wild Rose (the great female oil) , Sea Buckthorn (nourishment) Arnica (bumps and bruises) or Birch (for cellulite) oils.

These oils are amazing. But I do like to make my own wherever possible. Around Bisley we are blessed with an amazing crop of dandelions. Their glorious golden crowns light up even the dullest day, they thrive on the sun but are not diminished by the lack of it. I attended a course at River Cottage in foraging which ignited my love of ethically gathering the best in the plants that grow around us. I seek out the best sun filled corners where the dandelions grow to harvest those that have absorbed the sun at its fullest. The energy contained in these wonderful flowers undoubtedly improves the quality of the oils in both colour and energetic content. Adding them to coconut oil and watching the oil turn from white to a glorious golden yellow is a treat for me each spring. I am hoping that the next two days will continue to be sunny as Monday is my appointed day to forage in the lanes that are least travelled by vehicles. My harvest will be dried for a couple of days on a sunny windowsill, then marinated in coconut oil before being laid to rest for a few weeks. At the end of that time,I will have an oil that is aromatic, rich in colour and imbued with the energetic richness that only the sun at its best can give. This is my last bottle from 2019.

Dandelions are a traditional remedy. The internet is full of claims about its properties as an anti-inflammatory, blood pressure reducing, diet aid, cancer risk reducing, anti-oxidant, immune and blood sugar reducing, diuretic. Dandelion tea certainly activates your bladder but whether it does all that they claim is questionable. However, adding it to Coconut oil with its anti inflammatory and skin improving benefits, certainly makes an oil that is wonderful to work with, aromatic and soothing. Just the thing for those clients who need comfort, support and soothing.

So, here is hoping that the sun stays out and the daffodils bloom, so that my allowed exercise can be beautifully interrupted with the gathering of the brightest of our local natures harvest.

Have a fabulous Easter



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